Vintage Sound Vintage 22

Rick Hayes builds these Blackface replicas at his shop in Gulf Breeze, FL. 22 watts, reverb/tremolo, built like a tank, single 12” WGS G12C speaker. I love this amp so much it barely leaves the house, which is a shame because it sounds incredible!



Acorn Tweed Pro

Built by Tyler Petito at Acorn Amps in Atlanta. The “Silver Micah” is based on a 1949 Fender Tweed Pro, 5E5 circuit. Single 15” WGS G15C speaker. Two channels that can be “jumped” with a mini-toggle switch on the top. F-holes on the back. What’s not to love?!

IMG_6077 2.jpeg

2015 JAM Tweed Deluxe

Made by a fellow in Maryland named J.M., the circuit is an exactly replica of a “narrow panel” 5E3 Tweed Deluxe. The cabinet is a “TV Face” made by a furniture builder in New Hampshire. Single 12” Cannabis Rex speaker. This amp is with me almost every time I leave the house.



PedalTrain Jr. powered with a Strymon Zuma. From in to out: Sonic Research Turbo Tune Mini, Electro-Harmonix Nano POG, Xotic Soul Driven, Greer LightSpeed, Strymon Mobius, TimeLine, and Big Sky.


2017 Mario MArtin T-Style

1-piece swamp ash body and 1-piece maple neck. Lollar ‘52 pickups. Strung with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings. This guitar is very special!


2013 gretsch 6118

This is an Anniversary model. I use this guitar when I’m playing with Cigar Store Indians. It’s wired like a Gretsch Hot Rod (only master volume, no tone or individual volume controls). Stock Gretsch pickups, pinned bridge, new nut, Chet Bigsby arm. Strung with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings.


2017 Partscaster

Double-bound, surf green, poplar body and a USA Custom maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. Lollar “Low-Wind Imperial” humbucker in the neck and Lollar “Special T” in the bridge. Strung with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings.

IMG_6463 2.jpeg

2014 Eastman ar503

Eastman AR503. I use this on almost every jazz gig I do. Carved spruce top, laminate back and sides, new electronics, Seth Lover humbucker. Strung with Thomastik-Infeld 11 gauge flat wounds.

IMG_3697 2.jpeg

1983 Fender Telecaster ‘62 reissue

My first guitar! Made in Japan, double-bound Telecaster with tons of mojo! Loaded with an OC Duff “Plankster” in the bridge and an OC Duff “Big Boy” pickup in the neck. Strung with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings. Ready for 50 more years of use…

IMG_6466 2.jpeg

2010 eastman ar


This is my main Western Swing guitar. It’s an acoustic Eastman AR805. It’s all carved. I replaced the wood tailpiece with a traditional metal trapeze. Other than that, it’s stock. Strung with 12 gauge Martin Retro strings. Loud, pretty, couple bumps and bruises…just like me.

IMG_3697 3.jpeg

2007 custom Archtop Killer

USA Custom 1-piece swamp ash body and a USA Custom roasted maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. Lollar “Charlie Christian” neck pickup and an OC Duff “Whiteguard” Bridge pickup. Strung with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings.


2002 Holst Semi-Hollow

Holst semi-hollow from my favorite builder. This was a 40th birthday present and I play it every day. The guitar was recently sent back to Steve Holst for a refret and a new bridge. It has an OC Duff P.A.F. humbucker. This guitar sounds unbelievable!